Opportunity Animation

April 2020:

I was involved in a group project in my third year of University. Our group was given complete freedom over how we approached making our short animation. We each had a separate role in the making of it, I was head animator. We chose to make our animation about the Mars Rover, Opportunity, and when it shut down in 2019. We created a story set in the future about what happened after this. We all pitched different plot ideas for the story and it's development. The COVID-19 outbreak occurred during the production of our animation, resulting in the closure of our University, requiring us to work remotely rather than together at the University. Although this was not ideal, we managed to work through this set back and produce an animation that was still at a good quality. We split the scenes for the animation between us so that we could complete the animation by the deadline. Above are the scenes that I completed. I also contributed to some of the environment design in the city. I received a First for this assignment.

The Final Animation

This is the final animation combining all of our individual scenes and the final story with sound.

I completed the animation in this scene in Maya along with the screen effects in After Effects.

In this scene I completed the camera animation through the city along with the character animations at the end in the arena.

In this scene, I completed the character and camera animations.