Christmas 2020 Series

For December 2020, I wanted to create a series of short Christmas themed animations for my Instagram. I wanted to create different environments and models with animated elements that reflected Christmas and would be easily identified by the audience. The animations received a good reception and were posted regularly throughout December 2020.

Fire Place Scene

The Fire Place scene was created in Cinema 4D with all models created by myself with textures from, sound effects from YouTube Audio Library and Music credited to The Jonas Brothers. I wanted to create a scene showing a cosy fireplace by a Christmas Tree. I used warm colours to achieve the cosy feeling as well as the use of red and green to add to the cosy theme as well as emphasise the Christmas theme further. I enjoyed creating these scene from scratch based on my own sketches. 

Train Under the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree Train scene was created entirely in Cinema 4D with some textures from I used the Christmas Tree Model I made in the Fire Place scene but made some changes by adding lights and re-positioning the baubles so that it would be more fitting for this scene and camera angle. I used images of toy trains as references for modelling the toy train and placed it on a spline so that it would follow the round track. 

Snow Scene

The Snow Scene was Modelled in Cinema 4D with Textures from I used dynamics in Cinema 4D to animate the snow and the rolling snowball along with the dent in the snow the snowball makes. I wanted to make the scene look very wintery by making the sky and environment quite dark and only used brighter colours for the lights inside the house to create the contrast between the warm inside and cold outside.

Snow Globe

My main focus for creating the Snow Globe Animation was using studio style lighting so that the Snow Globe would be clear and the reflections on the glass would be visible but not overpowering. The Snow Globe and snow inside were modelled in Cinema 4D and I used dynamics for the snow so that it would stay within the glass ball. The wooden style texture for the base of the Snow Globe is from

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