A representative for Juice Plus contacted me asking for an illustration of her holding some of their products so that it could be used on social media to help advertise of their products. She sent me some reference images so that I could accurately show the products. I decided to make the products the only thing in colour so that they stand out more in the illustration and catch the audience's eye. She was very happy with the final outcome.

I was recently approached by an avid gamer to produce an illustration that he could have printed, as well as using it as his YouTube Profile Picture. He had expressed his desire for the concept to include a bright gradient as well as a silhouette of him holding a gaming spear. He sent me some reference images of him standing which allowed me to create the silhouette with some likeness to my client. He had previously mentioned that he is a fan of the colour green so I tried to incorporate this into the piece. 

I was approached to make an illustration for someone who wanted to use it for their CV so that they can stand out for employers in music and events management. She sent over reference photos which I could use in order to capture her likeness and style of dress so that it would be an accurate representation. She had said that she wanted it to be black, white and grey so that it would fit in well with her CV. My client was very happy with the final result and that I had captured what she had envisioned.

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