Below are some other animations I have created for mini personal projects. The making of personal animations is ongoing as I wish to continue developing my skills and creating more animations in the future. 

For this animation I wanted to focus on Acting and Lip Syncing as well as Interactions between characters. I wanted to create personalities for the characters through their body language and thought an Interview setting would show this best so that the way they sit can show their personalities, for example, Woody has a arrogant and relaxed look to him whereas Buzz is more focused surprised look. I used audio from a Pixar interview with the Toy Story voice actors, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, so that the voices would fit with the characters better as they are quite distinctive and it could seem quite strange for the audience to hear different voices with their childhood characters.

These Characters and Background are from and audio belongs to Pixar. This was creative for Showreel and Creative Portfolio use Only.

For this Animation I wanted to look at Lip Syncing, Body movements, Acting and multiple characters interacting with each other. I used audio from the film Deadpool to animate to using Maya. This was fun to play around with each character and create personalities and emotions based on the audio, for example, Woody has an excited and humorous personality and Buzz has a confident personality. 

These Characters and Background are from and audio from Disney/Fox's Deadpool. 

This was creative for Showreel and Creative Portfolio use Only.

I wanted to focus on body movements for this animation rather than focusing on facial expressions and lip syncing. I wanted to create movements that would allow the dress to flow naturally while also helping to emphasise the actions in the animation as well as allowing me to animate the hair so it could add to the realism of the movements.

Character and Rig from Agora.Community.

I created this animation to practise Lip syncing in Maya. I used's Malcolm character and rig to animate the character to my chosen sound, trying to time the movements of the mouth correctly while also including some facial and body expressions.

I do not own the sound used in the Animation.

I revisited this animation 4 months after creating the original in order to improve it. I wanted it to have more of a focus on the acting rather than the lip syncing, which meant making the character more expressive in how he moves. My adding more movement I feel the character's animation matches the panic in the voice of the audio more than the original did.

I wanted to create an animation that showed strong facial expressions in order to show the narrative and mood of the character. I decided show someone being stung by a bee so that there could be some humour in the animation as well. I used's Malcolm character and rig in order to make the animation.

I wanted to make a Christmas themed animation that involved a Christmas tree. I modelled the baubles and applied them to an emitter that followed a spiral spline, this gave the Christmas tree shape. I also decided to model a star to go on top of the tree.

I modelled this hand from scratch in Cinema 4D while also creating the rig that it uses. I applied some basic lighting and animated it to see how the hand worked. I mainly made this to practice my modelling and rigging skills. 

I created this animation as I wanted to test Cinema 4D's Voronoi Fracture effect. This allows an object to break into pieces upon impact with another object. I decided to create a hammer (inspired by Thor's hammer) that would fall and smash into the ground and break it.