RMTwo Internship

Below are the animations I created while interning at RMTwo in June/July 2019. This was a great experience as it allowed me to develop my skills immensely and gave me an insight into the creative industry and how it works. I was introduced to Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects while I was there and was able to learn the software very quickly and gained a lot of confidence in using them, so much so I incorporated them into my final projects for University. I was given the freedom of creating my own animations while also editing some footage for the company's social media and general running responsibilities. 

This was one of the first animations I made while interning. I did the animations while the models are from Adobe Fuse and Cinema 4D. As well as the Animation, I UV unwrapped the girls shirt and brought it into Photoshop. This is where I added a basketball team jersey to fit in with the basketball theme of the animation. This also gave me the opportunity to use a face rig to create emotion through the facial expressions.

I animated the characters in this animation. I wanted to play on the animation principle anticipation and create an unexpected ending by having the second character fail to land the same way as the first character. This also adds humour to the animation as well as some storytelling even in a short clip.

This animation was inspired by the Pixar animation and allowed me to use a majority of the 12 animation principles. I created the model, textures and animations in this. I love the realism of this animation and the flow of the movements. I wanted it to be a fairly high quality and therefore increased the render settings so that the reflections and lighting would look good without creating any visual noise, although this did increase the render time.

I wanted to create a water animation that looked fairly realistic. I was able to clamp the models from Cinema 4D to the water plane so that they would appear to be floating and moving with the water. I created a metallic texture for the plane to give it a water-like appearance with reflections.

This water animation was created in After Effects using my own background image. It is meant to give the appearance of water dripping down a window. I really like this animation as the colours from the text and background refract through the water droplets making it look more realistic. I think it also creates a mood for the scene and brings some emotion to the image and animation.